The global meltdown is an INVESTMENT opportunity.


If you haven’t read my rant on the current world events and mass psychology you should, it gives an insight into the sad events happening around the world while this post explains how I will use it as an investment strategy.

Click here for Part 1. Before you have a solution, you need to know what the problem is… My investment strategy PART 1

The great silencing

Part 1 focused on how we’re suffering from mass censorship and how this is being perpetrated by oligarchic companies and is filtering down into the general population where you must think one way and one way only. So, how can this be an investment opportunity?

The beauty of Blockchain is it’s decentralised nature, there is no single point of failure and there are many new Blockchain based freedom of speech platforms that are popping up. Here are just a few:

Each of the above mentioned websites have been tokenised. The tokens allow for specific functions on these platforms such as tipping a post, promoting your posts etc… but it also gives you the opportunity to invest in these platforms, unlike typical gargantuan social media platforms that require substantial capital for your investment, these platforms do not. While the Blockchain is editable, these platforms do work within lawful guidelines and do have the means of censoring illegal media such as child pornography.

The platforms mentioned above are similar in design to Facebook and Twitter. But what about Youtube, the number one platform for posting and viewing video media? The Blockchain has that covered also with decentralised platforms like:
* D.Tube
* Bit.Tube

It goes without saying if you’re a platform for video media you must have Tube in your name! Again, just like the Twitter and Facebook alternatives these YouTube alternatives offer the same ease of investment as they’ve been tokenised in the same manner as those above, putting the producer of the content in charge and NOT the platform. Another benefit is that these platforms don’t monetise your personal data, unlike Facebook/Google/Twitter etc.

This is a breakthrough in returning power to the user. We’ve utilised these giant companies that continually abused our trust, misused our data, and controlled who can and can’t utilise there platforms. Occasionally they offered pointless statements saying “opps”. Enough is enough, there abuse has produced a competitors with far more power with there decentralised non-censoring design.

So I am investing in Freedom, in the rights of Sovereign Individuals and supporting projects that are specific in this cause such as those above. I am not in the business of DYOR for your, lol. You should take some time and research the above projects yourself and see how they tackle some of the major issues facing traditional social media.

There are links below to exchanges that you can buy these tokens from if you’re interested.

Financial & Political Hijacking

We’ve seen a deterioration of our rights, our financial systems, and now our political systems. Government oppression and misinformation is spreading like wildfire, fear and greed have taken the place of strength and honour.

Our financial and political systems are intricately linked, our Governments force us to use the currency of the (privately owned) Central Banks who lobby our Governments and shower them in this worthless currency ensuring the Governments complacency in the destruction of national wealth and legalisation of deplorable financial scams globally.

This is easy, Buy Bitcoin. Convert the pathetic paper scam into an asset that they simply cannot control, that they cannot repatriate no matter how hard they try. Take there inflationary blood money and put it to good use. Satoshi Nakamoto did the world the greatest service in modern history, he/she gave us REAL money. A true means of value that can be used globally, where exchange rates become a thing of the past. The titans of industry middle men who chip away at our wealth and producing nothing of value have lost, we don’t need them.

There are plenty of other virtual currencies. Bitcoin is by far my favourite currency along with Litecoin, others act as platforms allowing not only a virtual currency but virtual applications can be built on-top such as:
* Cardano (ADA)
* Ethereum (ETH)

It’s important to understand the technology as best you can, it’s use case along with the industries that it challenges. As above I encourage you to do your own research into not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum and Litecoin.

Our financial systems are falling apart, countries are getting into record debt and stock markets have reached all time overvaluation thanks to market manipulation. The currencies mentioned above cannot be inflated, the total amount is mathematically set. This means Governments and people can live WITHIN there means as apposed to stealing the wealth from future generations, for a quick ego boosting fix on a bigger house, nicer car, another war.

We’re on the precipice of great change globally. The change will be uncomfortable and we will hurt but we’ve only ourselves to blame, however we’re creating a new world to resolve the issues we’re facing worldwide, socially, politically and financially.

Out with the old and in with the new, I’m going with the new are you?

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