My investments in a nutshell… but first a rant!

I could simply list where I am putting my money, but that’s unhelpful and lazy. First I want to take a look at the world and from there extrapolate potential outcomes and then you’ll see WHY I am putting my money into certain technologies and platforms. Welcome to Part 1, the why.

A lot of people globally are starting to notice cracks in our traditional systems of Government and Finance, this can be a very daunting time particularly for those of us who are a little more “woke” than their neighbours.

Bridge the gap.

It’s not hard to notice our democratic societies have become malformed, our news outlets force the narrative of big business and political agendas that often appear to be of benefit to the general population, however after decades of the regurgitated political promises, increasing wealth disparity, lies and carelessness from those we elect we’re now more aware than ever that despite the rolling joke that “your vote matters” it simply doesn’t. The lies of the elite are getting louder and there power stronger, but it’s starting to crack. There extreme power can be seen via shutdown free thought and discussions and shaming alternative thoughts and ideas. This is not only happening on the big scene from news agencies, famous icons, and oligarchic social media platforms it’s also filtering down into the minds of the general public. A cohesive society is hard to exploit.

Recently I was banned on both Twitter and Reddit for attempting to get into a discussion involving my thoughts on the Transgender, Intersex, Queer movement being significantly separate from the Lesbian, Gay, Bi movement. One is scientifically sound sexual attraction and doesn’t involve the gender the other arguably not scientifically sound and is still being studied in great length but is gender based. I was not shaming, harming, or attacking anyone merely giving my opinion and asking for the thoughts and ideas others have.

I was banned on an LGBTQI subreddit by a moderator, I was more shocked by the reaction of the moderators response of banning me from posting/replying on the LGBTQI subreddit… rather than taking the option to provide empirical evidence and proof to counter my argument, or lacking that just entering into an open and thoughtful discussion with a member of the LGBTQI alphabet soup, they chose to outright silence me. This TERRIFIED ME, and for good reason.

Prior to the moderator picking up on my post I’d received a lot of negative comments and downvoting the comments were essentially name calling. I did notice a couple of responses were actually attempts at being helpful and linked me to articles and offered there insight.

I was messaging a close friend recently about Canada removing the use of gender identifying pronouns in all government correspondence.

The premise of my message was essentially “how scary is it that governments are starting to command speech”.

She replied

but it’s not that hard to say ‘they’re wearing a dress’.

I ignored her response, as it had nothing to do with the question and followed up with:

This is insane, we’re democratically voting ourselves into an authoritative Orwellian communist nightmare, 100s of millions have died because of this.”

She responded with


She ended the discussion. No thought, no rebuttal.

The interesting and detached response from her, Twitter, and the Reddit Moderator outlined several things:

  • We’re being taught en masse through constant bombardment from the various media sources to respond and think one narrative and one narrative only, under the guise of compassion, love, tolerance, acceptance.
  • When that narrative is questioned you automatically re-frame the question (essentially creating a new argument) and answer the question you’ve mentally concocted, not the question asked.
  • If questioned again by the opposing view (in an attempt to create an opportunity for informative and open dialogue) the discussion is ended.
  • Suddenly there’s a huge divide and disparity in thoughts and belief and no means of communicating between that divide.

How much instability does $21,000,000,000,000 buy?

Socialist/Marxist/Communist/Nationalist Ideologies reappearing on the political scene, eerily similar to the 20th century.

War treaties and being revoked, limitations on arms developments are being removed, the biggest war games are being played out since the first, second and cold wars, independent journalism is being stifled, journalists are being slaughtered and jailed, even prosecuted in private courts and denied lawyers. Extremists are finding platforms on the political scene at an alarming rate, we’ve been fed false fear for decades and the mass psychology of this fear is showing, society is cracking. We’ve been robbed of our wealth for decades from legal yet immoral financial practices from the banking sector, we’re forced to use currencies that have no inherent value and can be inflated at the will of those owning the banks, privately owned banks. Government and The Military Industrial complex have endless wealth at there disposal to further there agenda direct from Central Banks, often printing and inflating our wealth to nothing. The Pentagon alone has $21 trillion, that’s $21,000,000,000,000 US dollars unaccounted for.

To put that in layman terms $21,000,000,000,000 has been spent on developing, deploying and advancing military technology in the United States for the specific purpose of KILLING. Off the books secretly, and privately without the public’s knowledge.

That’s just under the same amount as the ENTIRE US DEBT.

Us vs Them

Social media platforms are collecting and analysing our every move and selling it to the highest bidder, our elections are being manipulated both from the inside and out. Facebook, Twitter, Google are all forcing a specific narrative and should someone think otherwise they get de-platformed. There are innocent and informative people and groups with nonviolent and peaceful ideas and thoughts that have been forced to seek new platforms and these new platforms often appear on the surface to be racist/homophobic/antisemitic mostly due to MSM slander, the effect that mass de-platforming from the big 3 (Facebook, Twitter, Google) has.

While I detest violence, racism, and hurtful speech… etc only in extreme circumstances should an individual or group be removed. When you have a large number of extreme ideologists removed from a platform, suddenly those ideas are unable to be diluted with the opposing and most likely more level headed views. The natural self moderating effect of society is and has been revoked, purposely. Those extreme ideas don’t evaporate into the land of make believe fairy’s and unicorns, they don’t dilute they CONCENTRATE. The extremism develops and picks up in momentum, those de-platformed over less extreme “infringements” become disheartened and become separated from the natural self moderating effect that a society and free speech offers, they move to alternative platforms with a focus on free speech and unfortunately at the outset of these new platforms the main user base is those de-platformed due to “infringements on rules” or extreme views on the big 3 (fortunately over time the platforms develop a self moderating effect) but initially those less extreme platformed individuals and groups find comradery with those extreme early adopters, while this is the start of the self moderating diluting process it is also the start of a new forced narrative due to the de-platforming. Initially the less extreme de-platformed is likely to have been more neutral, but now they’ve unexpectedly become part of a new narrative “us vs them”.

This is exacerbated with the hysterical fear based narrative of the the MSM. Rather than reporting on individuals who partake in disgraceful evil acts they attack the platforms, the owners of these platforms, and the users (both extreme and non-extreme). The platform becomes the attacker, not the actual attacker. Interestingly they never attack the BIG 3.

Platforms like Gab.AI, and many others both abide by the law and enforce the law, however that’s not enough for those controlling the media they need and require complete dominance to control the narrative and divide society. I’ll be talking more in Part 2 about the power and importance of decentralisation and independent media and how the blockchain can free us from forced narratives and restore the balance of free thought, ideas, and Independence.

Okay, the worlds fuck… now what?

This all appears pretty bleak, and it get’s be down a lot of the time. But not all of us are sitting by on the sidelines watching our communities break down for nothing. We’ve identified the biggest issues above as:

  • Government (out of control, oversized Governments and bureaucracy);
  • Finance (forced and unreliable currencies printed and controlled by unknown entities utilised as a means of control);
  • Individual freedom and sovereignty (fundamental principles and rights being stripped away through militarised use of the top two);

Part 2 will delve further into the repatriation of our rights,liberties and wealth, we owe it to ourselves to switch of the TV, turn off the Radio, investigate and discuss new a new found self respect for ourselves and our neighbours. That’s the first and most powerful way to beat the system.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article, so I can continue posting quality content feel free to donate



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