NIX – a very brief introduction

What is NIX? NIX is a one of a kind (as far as I know) privacy-based decentralised exchange manager, that’s tech speak for “It will allow the transfer from one token or cryptocurrency to another PRIVATELY.” Okay, that’s all now let’s get staking!

Staking – passively earn NIX 🤑

Make sure you’ve obtained the NIX token. At time of writing there are only two exchanges you can buy NIX with a Binance application in progress. Head over to for more information on obtaining your NIX.

For a great layman’s introduction to the differences between PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS  (Proof of Stake) checkout

First, you will need to ensure you have the latest NIX wallet which can be downloaded directly from the NIX website:

Second, setup encryption on your wallet by clicking Settings -> Encrypt Wallet. Whatever you do DO NOT forget your password. Without an encrypted wallet you cannot stake.

Third, with NIX coins in your wallet, your wallet encrypted you’re ready to stake. To start staking click Settings -> Unlock For Staking. To ensure you’re staking ensure that the bottom left lock symbol is highlighted green and unlocked. Hovering over this icon will detail the wallets current state and if it is staking.








To stake you must have the wallet running at all times. If you reboot the system the wallet is on ensure you open the wallet and unlock for staking.

That’s it, all done 😊

Notes from the editor @TheGayTrader aka FvKnL

I hope this small guide helped you learn how to stake NIX. If you have any troubles be sure to leave a comment so we can help you out!

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